Slave Rules


~ Sale of slaves
1) Prior to any sale of a city slave, there will be a two-week probationary period with potential Masters. This is so that a slave and a Master can connect/or not, and the Masters have a clear vision of the ability of the slave to be fitting of the honor of his collar.

2) City slaves will be offered for sale after these probationary times either by scheduled auction as set by the Master Slaver, or by private sale as set by the Master Slaver and no less than one city official. No actual linden will exchange hands. A sale is done for role play items only.

3) City slaves will maintain the option to remain city slaves as long as they wish to do so. No free will coerce them to submit to a personal collar.

~ Slave behavior and decorum ~
4) All Free can punish a slave. If the owner has punishment restrictions for “owner only”, then the slave should not travel within Tor without the owner present. If a Free punishes you, take the punishment with grace. If you start out of character dramatics or refuse to take a punishment, you are subject to the same laws of the free – banishment for three days for refusing roleplay. If they scar or kill you they will owe your Owner compensation. Whether or not compensation should be awarded, and in what amount, will be decided by the Master Slaver or the Sultan if the parties can’t agree amicably. You are property. You own nothing. If it pleases a free woman to kick you as she passes or smile at you warmly it is her right. She is free; you are not. If you can’t deal with this, you are not a Gorean slave. Leave Gor.

5) Serve all Free. If the owner has restrictions (not including sexually) that forbids a slave to serve all Free, then the slave should not travel within Tor without the owner present. >> Note: If a slave is with his/her owner or is in direct service to a Free, orders to the slave should be deferred to the Free that he/she is in service to. However, if a slave is wandering about alone, he/she is expected to serve all Free (except sexually if restricted).

6) Slaves never nod or say okay to a Free person. It is always “yes Master/Mistress”. Slaves do not abbreviate (examples: lmao, lol, brb, afk, :), 😀 ). Slaves are expressive and emotional. A smiley or abbreviation does not do justice to the emotion that is being represented by the shortcut.

7) All Free persons are to be addressed as either Master or Mistress. Names are only used if commanded, which is rare.  Note: Do not confuse this with using the name of a Free. Slaves in books did speak names of Free when asked. They simply did not address a Free by their name.

8) While a Free person may not always be right, they are by definition, never wrong. Hold your tongue or it will be taken from you. Never argue with a Free in open chat! Use of emotes to point out that a Free is wrong or to be disrespectful will not be tolerated. If you emote something along the lines of “/me thinks the Freewoman needs to read a book”, it will be treated as if it was said and you can be punished. Be cautious of emotes that include concepts like “wondering” or “thinking”. Remember, your body language speaks volumes.

9) Slaves always have the last word. The words are” Yes, Master”, or “Yes, Mistress”.

10) When you are not serving the Free, don’t be idle. Write your dances, practice your serves, write a story to tell later, give tours, learn an instrument, hang laundry, etc.

11) Some Masters prefer you beg to greet. Some think it a waste of their time to bother with it. Follow the preferences of your owner. But be aware: when you first arrive, be alert. Is the air tense? Then you should refrain from speaking. Is the atmosphere light? Then greet cautiously. Is the Free speaking? Then do not interrupt. You will be acknowledged. Don’t seek to be the center of attention or it may be the kind of attention you had not intended.

12) Slaves are not required to speak in 3rd person. This was done in the books at a Master’s command generally to remind the slave of her place or as punishment. If you are privately owned this is at your Master’s discretion, but it is not a requirement unless commanded to do so.

13) If you see a panther girl, you do not kneel to her. You do not stop to speak with her. To do so is conspiring with a woman who is running from the collar. If you see one it can be assumed she is not there to make friends. So you will run and hide. You do not stop if she says stop. As you run, you may say “Panther!” You may scream. Try to avoid her. If a skilled panther does for some reason capture you, you may try to escape, you may fight back. Just above all, stay in character and keep it realistic.

14) You will kneel in the presence of the Free unless told otherwise. If you don’t kneel, you may be punished for it. It is true that slaves did not always kneel in the book; however, they also did not just stand there with their cute AO’s and do nothing. If you are not on task or doing chores you are expected to go to the nearest free and kneel, and either request to serve, or wait quietly, as the situation warrants.

15) Sometimes, you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t and no matter what you do, it will be contrary to someone’s wishes. If you are punished for doing what you were told, take it up with your owner. If you are killed, you may take it to your owner or a Moderator, if you think it was unjustified. Be aware that a Free can kill a slave for no reason at all, so a Moderator is unlikely to overrule the action.

16) Do not go AFK/Log Out/login/TP from public surroundings. Use your Owner’s house, the kennel, or privately. – just don’t do in a crowd. It looks bad.

17) Tor does not encourage nor tolerate “princess” slaves. If you aren’t sure you want to be here, observe from the Gate or talk to people in the sky market.

~ Kennels ~
18) The City Kennel is the private property of the Sultan of Tor. The City Slaver is an employee of the Sultan. As such, all rulings passed down by him regarding slaves will be treated as though they come at the Sultan’s command. Should the City Slaver abuse this authority, he will be dealt with publicly or privately, as the Sultan deems appropriate.

19) City slaves will not be taken to non-Gorean sims without the express permission of the Master Slaver of the city kennel. City slaves will not RP in sims that are not BTB.

20) City slaves are discouraged from using RLV. Do not ask to be put on their collar unless you are renting them. A Free who rents a city slave will be put on their collar as “Second Owner”. The slave will call that Free “Master” or “Mistress”. The honorific “my” is reserved for someone on their collar as “First Owner”.

21) The First Girl of the city will be owned by the Sultan, the Second Girl of the City will be Owned by the Kennels. They may teach the slaves, carry a whip while within the confines of the kennel property, and mete out punishment to the girls of the city kennel.

22) There may be multiple staff within the City Kennel. A Master Slaver is the head of the Sultan’s kennel. Additional staff may include slavers, kennel Mistress, kennel physician and scribe, trainers, First Girl, and Second Girl. Privately owned kennels will have their own structure.

23) Unowned slaves coming into the city will be collared to the City Kennels. (City Collars are available in a box by the kennel entrance.) OOCly, she will be instructed to fill out an application and slave papers and to send those to the First Girl (info) and Bull Dog (MaxTraxx Solo). A staff member of the Kennel will be informed. The kennel staff has 2 days to respond and in-process the girl into the kennel. (The girl must also make an honest attempt to communicate with the kennel staff during this time.) Should the staff fail to in-process the girl, then she will be brought to the Sultan of the city to determine her proper disposition.

24) Slaves arriving in Tor in search of a private Kennel and/or a specific Slaver will wait in the Market. They should contact that Slaver by IM to say they are present. They should not enter the City unless the Slaver they have come to see is present and escorts them back to the Kennels safely.

25) You have chosen to play a slave on the planet Gor. Slaves are not subs. They are not princesses to be worshipped. They serve their Master first and ALL Free after. For a sub/BDSM slave it is a gift to give yourself to your Master. On Gor it is your Master’s gift of ownership. No one is holding a sword to your head saying you must play a slave.  In other words, If you want to play an insolent slave, play one! There is no law saying you have to be a robot and always perfect – not at all! But if you choose to play your character as a bad slave, you will be held accountable for your actions in roleplay. Playing a princess? Expect to be whipped or Killed. Whining about chores? Expect to be chained.  Being disrespectful? Expect to lose the privilege of clothing or even food or Killed.

~Rules for the Free regarding slaves~
26) First and foremost, this is a game. This is not real life. If you approach a slave, even if she is your own slave, and harass her out of character about her real-life you are subject to being banned and reported to the Lindens. We take this very seriously. What each person chooses to do in their spare time is their own business. If you and your girl share a real-life relationship, that is your business, not ours; please keep it out of the game. However, if you think you can walk in this city and order our slaves to voice or share any real-life information they are not comfortable with, then appropriate actions will be taken.

27) Please remember that IMs are OOC (Out of Character). Do not IM city slaves for sexual services since city slaves are not allowed to perform sexual services in IMs. Harassment of a slave OOCly is taken no less seriously than harassment of a Free. Complaints of OOC harassment of any resident of the city may be taken to the slave’s owner or the sim moderators.

28) It is not necessary for a slave to have the same courtesy (ie, saying “Yes, Master”, etc) when they are in IMs as in open chat, although, as always, we ask that all parties should please be courteous to each other in IMs.