ZcS meter is required. No meter resetting without moderator permission.  We do use the ZcS coin system in the City of Tor.

1) The MARKET is to be considered a Safe Zone. Once you TP down to the gates of the city you are no longer in the Safe Zone.

1.1) Latest ZcS Meter required, we utilize the ZcS coin system.

1.2) DO NOT RESET YOUR METER, METER RESETS ARE ONLY ALLOWED BY APPROVAL OF A MOD!  violation of this rule 1st offense verbal warning, second offense 24 hr-ban, third offense 48-day ban, fourth offense 7-day ban.

1.3) We do not RP fights in the Safe Zones and we will enforce the defense of the Laws, the city, the Sim, and the Gorean principles if needed. Be careful or your RP will be considered invalid or the action of the defensive forces extended to that zone, therefore, deemed to be fought, captured and imprisoned, force-collared, ejected, or/and banned. Do not run into Safe Zones for safety.

2) Grieving or bad behavior will be met with ejection or/and banning;

You do not have to wear a meter in the market but is mandatory to wear one if you leave this area.


** Flying, Jumping, or any types of unnatural fighting tricks are not allowed in Tor. Please do not teleport out of the roleplay area, return to the main gate or the landing area.**

3) Tor is a NO RAID sim. Raids and attacks are not welcome within the city. The city boundaries are protected against warfare. The Library is neutral ground, no combat allowed.

3.1) See Combat Rules.

4) All visitors to the city will be asked to disarm themselves but the sword of the Free Man or the concealed dagger for FW are allowed.

4.1.) Ranged weapons taken into the city are deemed as disrespectful from the bearers towards the city authorities, therefore putting them at the risk of enforcement of the laws.

5) NO FLY SIM. This is a “no-fly zone”, and also includes tarns or any other type of flying animal as well as people (this is the desert … just too hot for Tarns to fly). This is a no jump/ no sliding sim. Constant jumping and a mod will declare you ejected and/or banned.

6) The palace is OFF LIMITS – only authorized and escorted visits are allowed there and it is our right to not allow it. Breaking this rule is an offense to the city.

6.1. Do not enter closed doors. Closed doors mean that that building is reserved. The areas above roleplay shops are reserved as living quarters and therefore off-limits unless invited by the owner. Kennel slaves do not enter the private residences of Free. Private slaves will not enter any Free residence without their owners and the approval of the residence.

7) Entering the city as a visitor and acting mouthy, disrespectfully, mistreating citizens, threatening and in general, showing bad behavior or rezzing strange prims will deem you as a foe and/or griefer, resulting in ejection and banning.

8.) GOREAN SANCTUARY: Unless the Laws of Gor, the sim, or of the city are broken, visitors can feel safe in Tor while in Tor.

9) Panthers and Talunas are only allowed in the city to trade their goods. As with No. 4, weapons are to be removed.

10) Veils are not mandatory by the FW. They are free to use them or not.

11) NO VOICE SIM. Installation or use of a listening device or tracker, including voluntary use by a slave, submissive, or another person, is a felony (by SL TOC’s). Just do NOT use any. This does not apply to the mapping function provided to all residents by the Lindens, which is naturally allowed.

VISITORS: If you have questions ask in IM. The City is a strict roleplay area. Do not hassle with questions – we will be pleased to explain. We do RP Gorean knowledge teaching so we don’t mind teaching.