Jail and Bail!

Jail and Bail Event! April 27

Arrest Warrant for *

Criminal can arrested in the city of *

Reason for Arrest*

Warrant requested by*

Arrestee will be told . . .
You are under arrest…..you will be held in Tor in a cage until you contact (through IMs) enough friends and family to bail your wretched carcass out for the amount of 5000 linden….if you cannot raise the bail, expect to be made a public spectacle, caged and taunted until you get your butt in gear and make some requests!!!!

Jail location*
City of Tor􀀓

Event Time*
April 17, 2021 @ 4-6pm SLT

(RENAME the NOTE CARD to include the name of the Avi you wish to be arrested. Once completed, forward directly to the contact(s) below, along with a 200L donation for Relay For Life.)

Bull Dog (maxtraxx.solo)
infi (infinatedepths)