Conduct Rules


Standards of general conduct.

1. You must be at least 18 years of age to be here. You are also expected to act like it.

2. You must be able to converse and roleplay in English. We welcome those whose first language is not English, however, you cannot roleplay effectively if you cannot be understood. Translators are allowed.

3. The market, Library, and any Living area are safe zones at all times. You may not enter roleplay sims directly from these areas, nor may you escape to them.  exception, you live in the City of Tor you can exit your Living area and enter combat, however, combat follows you where ever you go.

4. TP points are safe for 5 minutes only on initial entry to the sims. Once you engage in roleplay the TP point is no longer safe.  When departing to the Caravan, from combat, it is not a safe zone and 3 posts of clear departure roleplay are required.

5. You must port out at the TP point (Main Gate) to escape. If you roleplay your exit you will be deemed to have left at that point. If you do not roleplay your exit, and you TP out you are required to return auto captured if your bubbled (unconscious) before your last post you cannot leave.

6. The latest version of the ZcS meter must be worn at all times.

7. We do not allow child, non-human, or animal avatars.

8. We do not allow larls, on the sims regardless of whether they are being used for combat. (All Animals must b approved by the Admin Team)

9. We do not allow trading in Linden $ on the sims.  (exception if the Relay for Life, Jail and Bail Event, all lindens are donated to Relay for Life)

10. We do not allow OOC in the main chat. Do not abbreviate or use smilies (example: lmao, lol, brb, afk, :), 😀 ). Roleplay is expressive and emotional. A smiley or abbreviation does not do justice to the emotion that is being represented by the shortcut.

11. We do not allow insulting, aggressive, or harassing behavior in OOC/IM.

12. You are expected to handle both yourself and any problems in an adult and mature manner. You will be removed if you cannot do this. Please make all reasonable attempts to resolve conflict in an IC or OOC manner with the persons involved. If no reasonable solution can be reached, then and only then, come speak with a Mod. Please remember to always be respectful. They are real people at the keyboard with real feelings and emotions.

13. Consent is required before taking pictures, sharing them, or sharing IM conversations with other individuals. The only exception to this is for roleplay moderation purposes.

14. We do not allow parking, AFK or OOC for extended periods.

15. We do NOT allow combat on the sim without the appropriate rp. The arena is open for all that wish to practice or spar with each other. Inappropriate combat or sparring on the sim will result in possible intervention by the MODs

16. We do not allow avatars younger than twenty-five (25) days on the sims. These avatars will be ejected. A request can be made and younger avatars may be allowed with majority Admin approval

17. We do not allow tags or meter labels, which state, or lead others to incorrectly believe the avatar is a sim admin or rp moderator.

18. All visitors will be required to remove their bows and place them in the safe storage locker for the duration of their visit. Failure to do this will be considered an aggressive act and you will be dealt with, you will not be allowed to use the bow.

19. Whilst TP’ing in and out of roleplay areas is unacceptable, there have been incidents of attacks on residents who are actually only entering the city after logging off for the night. Therefore residents will be allowed to log on and off within the city. Those with offices may use them, but those with nowhere private may log in and out from the library.

20: Mis-use of group notices, as determined by group officers may result in the loss of posting rights for 3 days for a first instance. Further misuse may result in a permanent withdrawal of the privilege.

21. Visitor tag is only for Newbies to Gor, if you RP in Gor, the use of the Visitor Tag is considered an AutoCapture, and you will be dealt with as a Hustle.