Combat Rules

ZcS meter is required. No meter resetting without moderator permission, Violation of this rule can lead to Sim Ban.

Safe Zones:

  • Landing is a 10-minute safe zone.
  • The library is a safe zone, if you’re in combat already there is no safe zone!

Posts are a minimum of 10 words each.

Kurii – Not Allowed.

Aiding – Allowed with 3 emotes. (Avi’s name must be mentioned in one of the three posts)

Binding – Three separate emotes. (Avi’s name must be mentioned in one of the three posts)

Disarming – One descriptive post per weapon. (and each weapon must be named, and the avi’s name much be named in one of the posts).

Unbinding – Three separate emotes. (Avi’s name must be mentioned in one of the three posts)

Rolling in binds – Not allowed.

Hogties – Not allowed

Self-Unbinding – Five separate emotes after ten minutes of being bound.

Stealing Keys – One descriptive emote. (Avi’s name must be mentioned

Shield/Dodge – Yes.

Kills – Twenty-four hours (three detailed emotes after 60 minutes of RP with valid Gorean IC reason documented and NC sent to Mod/Admin).  For Black Caste Kills see Black Caste Laws, the black caste can skip the 60 minutes of RP but as that is replaced with the Hunt.

Suicide – fourteen days. (must be three emotes, NC and sent to the Admin Team)

Birds/Reinforcements – No.

Fighting Slaves – Not Allowed, slaves can protect owner’s property with slave weapons.

Lockpicking – All Doors are deemed LOCKED and not pickable.  NO LOCK PICKING, even unloced door

Entry/Exit – Entry into and out of the sim is the Main Gate Only.

Leaving Caravan – Departing the sim under fire requires an emote. The only out is by Caravans, you must depart from the Main Gate leaving by Caravan. If a captive is taken, he/she must be included in the departure, or they are deemed not to have been taken. No posting a departure and then continuing to fight or returning to the current battle. To do so is an auto-cap.



Capture – Starts from the departure time. (Remember this is a NO raid sim, all captures MUST be agreed upon before you take them captive.). Captures are property and subject to local laws. Judgment and punishment will be carried out locally and captures are to be validated by the ranking Red Caste official. Captivity lasts a maximum of three days and, at its expiry, should be roleplayed out. Legitimate escape from capture may also be roleplayed but must be reasonable and should be documented to the captor.

  • Captives may not be taken to non-Gorean sims. In such cases, captives are free to TP back to the City.
  • Any person or slave from Varn cannot be permanently collared, or forced into servitude by captors for more than three days.

45% Damage Weapons – Allowed. The Gorean Meter (GM) must be worn at all times. A meter can be obtained from the market.

  • Any enhancements to combat which give an unfair advantage such as speed enhancements or enhanced weapons, including the Bitter Thorn script, will result in ejection or a ban.
  • Only weapons already worn and visible before combat is initiated may be used in combat.  No sheath no weapon.
  • Using more than one weapon at a time to deal double damage is not permitted.
  • Slaves can be killed or captured at any time and compensation for such should be negotiated between owner and captor or High Councilor or City Magistrate.

Should ANY situation arise that a slave or free person is not comfortable with, they have the right to fade to black.  If your killed or downed and RP  bound you MUST accept!  If you refuse binding or a kill or you TP out you will be banned and the matter will be brought up to the Admin team to see if it was justified and if a permeate ban should be placed.