Slave Equipment

Bells Box of 20, silver-colored metal 5C $5
Belly Chain Light, gold- or silver-colored metal 5C $5
Bina, Bracelet Slave bracelet, cheap 2CB $0.25
Bina, Strings Strings of beads, wood or clay, per string 4CB $0.50
Binding Fiber Yellow, strong, per Gorean foot 2CB $0.25
Branding Iron Made to order 25C $25
Branding Rack Wood and metal with rings 60C $60
Cage Iron, 3’x3’x4′ with lock 1S $100
Capture Net One size 5C $5
Capture Scent Chloroform, 16-ounce bottle 32C $32
Chain, Heavy For suspending cages, per Gorean foot 1C 4CB $1.50
Chain, Light Per Gorean foot 2CB $0.25
Chain, Sirik One size 6C $6
Collar, Fancy Enameled silver plate 50C $50
Collar, Steel Strong and durable 12C $12
Finger Cymbals Various 3C $3
Gag Leather 4CB $0.50
Manacles Iron, for wrists and ankles 10C $10
Nipple Rings Silver or gold 25C $25
Slave Hoods Various 2C $2
Slave Wine Breeding wine, keg 10C $10
Whip, Bullwhip Leather, 12′ 20C $20
Whip, Kurt Leather, 5-strand 18C $18