Missile Weapons

Arrow Steel tip, temwood shaft 3C $3
Bola Usually weighted with stones, leather, 3-strand 30C $30
Bow, Great 6 feet in length, long-range bow, only the strongest men can use 3S $300
Bow, Horn Or kaiila, used best while mounted 2S $200
Bow, Northern Same as horn bow, slightly heavier 2S $200
Crossbow Standard, assassin’s choice 2S $200
Javelin Steel tip, lightweight 1S $100
Lance, Kaiila Steel tip, temwood shaft 2S $200
Lance, Tarn Steel tip, temwood shaft 3S $300
Quarrel Steel-tipped, temwood crossbow bolt 2C $2
Spear Leaf blade, 7-foot shaft 2S $200