Bandages 2″x2″, each 1CB $.125
Bandages 3″x3″, each 2CB $.25
Bandages 4″x4″, each 3CB $.375
Bandages 5″x9″, each 4CB $.50
Blood Pressure Cuffs Each 45C $45
Dressing 2″ wide x 5 yds long, each 1C $1
Dressing 3″ wide x 5 yds long, each 2C $2
Dressing 4″ wide x 5 yds long, each 3C $3
Dressing Triangular, each 7CB $.875
Energy Bulb High beam stand or wall mounted, each 1S $100
Exam/Surgical Gloves 4 sizes available, pair 2CB $.25
Glass Slides Each 1C $1
Hematology Analyzer Each 1S $100
Incubator Each 1S $100
IV set up kits Each 2C $2
IV solution All types, per 8 oz bottle 4C $4
Medical Kit 24″x12″x12″ (about the size of a fishing tackle box or tool kit). It has a handle or a strap for carrying. See Medical Kit for more detail. 6S $600
Microscope Box Each 1S $100
Needles Various gauges, each 1C $1
Soap, Antiseptic Bars, each 4CB $.50
Stethoscopes Each 20C $20
Suction Bulbs Each 1CB $.125
Surgery Closing Kit Each 1S $100
Surgical Instrument Set Each 3S $300
Surgical Masks Case of 50 1C $1
Surgical Wear Set of tunic and pants, washable 15C $15
Sutures Each 1C $1
Syringes Various gauges, each 1C $1
Table, Exam Each 3S $300
Table, Surgical Each 5S $500