Bed, Double Stationary bed, flat or rope 70C $70
Bed, Canopy Carved, four-poster, large 5S $500
Bed Linens Double, two pillowcases 20C $20
Bota Wineskin 4CB $.50
Bowl, Common Ceramic, metal, wood, 6 oz 4CB $.50
Bowl, Common Ceramic, metal, wood, 12 oz 1C $1
Bowl, Common Ceramic, metal, wood, 18 oz 1C 4CB $1.50
Bowl, Common Ceramic, metal, wood, 28 oz 2C $2
Bowl, Fancy Gold or silver plated 20C-30C $20-$30
Bowl, Paga Ceramic, footed 1C $1
Brazier, Common Iron, for traveling 10C $10
Candlestick, Single Common, iron 2C $2
Candlestick, Multiple Common, iron, trident configuration 6C $6
Candlestick, Simple Fancy, gold or silver plate 20C $20
Candlestick, Multiple Fancy, gold or silver plate, trident configuration 50C $50
Candles, Tallow White, 1 dozen 1C 4CB $1.50
Candles, Beeswax Fancy, colored/scented, 1 dozen 5C $5
Carpet, Small 3’x5′, handwoven 20C $20
Carpet, Medium 5’x8′, Fancy, handwoven 40C $40
Carpet, Large 10’x12′, handwoven 80C $80
Carpet, Fancy 5’x8′, with design 1S 75C $175
Cauldrons Metal, various sizes, 7C-50C $7-$50
Chair, Plain Wooden, carved, no arms 25C $25
Chair, Padded Carved, with arms and padding 1S $100
Chest Wooden, plain, 3’L x 1.5’H x 1.5’W 10C $10
Chest Wooden, carved, 3’L x 1.5’H x 1.5’W 25C $25
Cradle Baby 33C $33
Cup Common, various 4CB-3C $.50-$3
Cutlery, Plain Metal, per piece 1CB $0.125
Cutlery, Fancy Gold or silver plate, per piece 10C $10
Feathers Assorted, small box 2CB $0.25
Glass Common, various 4CB – 3C $.50-$3
Goblet, Common Metal, ceramic, wood 2C $2
Goblet, Fancy Crystal, gold or silver plate 2S-5S $200-$500
Horn, Drinking Various sizes 5C $5
Ink All colors, per 1-ounce vial 4CB $.50
Ink All colors, 6-ounce bottle 3C $3
Jewel Box, Plain Carved wood 5C $5
Jewel Box, Plain, Musical Carved wood, plays a tune when opened 15C $15
Jewel Box, Fancy Gold or silver engraved 25C $25
Jewel Box, Fancy, Musical Gold or silver engraved, plays a tune when opened 35C $35
Kettles Metal, various sizes 10C-50C $10-$50
Lamp, Plain Bronze or copper 10C $10
Lamp, Fancy Gold or silver plated 20C-30C $20-$30
Leather Kit Repair, traveling 1C $1
Leather Repair Tools Roll-up leather pocket storage, 48 pieces 10C $10
Mirror, Handheld 8″ mirror with handle 6C $6
Mirror, Regular Wall mounted 50C $50
Mirror, Fancy With carved frame, wall mounted or stand alone 1S $100
Oil, Metal For cleaning, per vial 4CB $.50
Oil, Tharlarion For lamps, 1 gallon 2C $2
Pan, Fry Iron, set of 3 12C $12
Pan, Roasting Steel, 21.25″L x 14″W x 8.5″H 15C $15
Paper Rence, one style, 50 sheets 2C $2
Pillow, Bedroom Rep, 1’x2′, straw-filled 1C $1
Pillow, Bedroom Linen, 1’x2′, vulo-down filled 5C $5
Pillow, Fancy Satin, 16″ square, vulo-down filled 10C-20C $10-$20
Plate, Common Ceramic, wood, metal, 6.75″ 1C $1
Plate, Common Ceramic, wood, metal, 8.5″ 1C 4CB $1.50
Plate, Common Ceramic, wood, metal, 10.25″ 2C $2
Plate, Fancy Gold- or silver-plated 50C $50
Pot, Cooking Steel, 10-gallon 15C $15
Pouch, Utility, Small Light to medium leather, 2″x3″ 2CB $.25
Pouch, Utility, Medium Light to medium leather, 3″x5″ 4CB $.50
Pouch, Utility, Large Light to medium leather, 4″x6″ 6CB $.75
Rep Cloth Cleaning, 6″ square 1CB $.125
Rep Cloth Cleaning, 12″ square 2CB $.25
Sewing Kit Traveling 1C $1
Sewing Kit With storage box 2C $2
Soap, Laundry 1 pound 1C $1
Soap, Laundry 10 pounds 10C $10
Table, Seats 4 Carved temwood 1S $100
Table, Seats 8 Carved temwood 2S $200
Table, Tavern Plain plank with benches 50C $50
Tablecloth, Linen White or cream 5C-15C $5-$15
Tablecloth, Fancy Embroidered 30C-40C $30-$40
Tankard Metal, ceramic, wood, 16 oz 1C $1
Tankard Metal, ceramic, wood, 24 oz 1C 4CB $1.5
Tankard Metal, ceramic, wood, 32 oz 2C $2
Tapestry, Small 5’x8′, custom design 1S-2S $100-200
Tapestry, Large 10’x12′, custom design 3S-4S $300-$400
Torch Various 1C $1
Tri-pod Stand Cooking 7C $7
Wax Scroll Sealant Various 1C $1
Whetstone For weapon sharpening 1C $1
Writing Quill Various 1C $1