Bath Oils Scented, Regular, small decorative vial, 1-ounce 4CB $0.50
Face Cream Light, fresh scent, richly emollient cream, 6-ounce jar 3C $3
Hair Shampoo Scented, cleans hair and scalp, 8-ounce bottle 4C $4
Hair Conditioner Scented, moisturizes hair and scalp, 8-ounce bottle 4C $4
Hair Dressing Scented, adds shine and softness, moist cream, 6-ounce jar 3C $3
Hand Cream Light, fresh scent, rich emollients to counteract dryness and damage, minor healing agent, 6-ounce jar 4C $4
Make-up, Box Make-up in colors by request or in stock, small individual containers, painted wooden box 10C $10
Make-up, Replacements Individual containers to replace used or add new colors, per container 4CB $0.50
Nail Lacquer Various colors, separate brush for applying, 1-ounce bottle CB $0.50
Nail Lacquer Remover Solvent to remove lacquer, 8-ounce bottle 2C $2
Perfume, FW, Common Less expensive, per 1-ounce bottle 10C-20C $10-$20
Perfume, FW, Rare Expensive, per 1-ounce bottle 40C $40
Perfume, Slave Heavy, cheaper, 1-ounce bottle 2C-3C $2-$3
Skin Lotion Scented, non-greasy, 8-ounce bottle 4C $4
Soap Scented, per bar or cake 4CB $0.50