Blouse Rep cloth, long or short sleeves, body long enough to tuck into breeches or skirt, 3 yds 9C $9
Blouse Rence cloth 15C $15
Blouse Fur 21C $21
Blouse Leather 15C $15
Blouse Wool 24C $24
Blouse Silk 30C $30
Blouse Satin 39C $39
Blouse Velvet 48C $48
Blouse Brocade 60C $60
Boots Fur, skin side out, knee length, 2 yds 14C $14
Boots Leather 10C $10
Boots Fur, skin side out, mid-calf length, 1-1/2 yd 11C $11
Boots Leather 8C $8
Breeches Rep cloth, long leg, 3 yds 9C $9
Breeches Rence cloth 15C $15
Breeches Fur 21C $21
Breeches Leather 15C $15
Breeches Wool 24C $24
Breeches Silk 30C $30
Breeches Satin 39C $30
Breeches Velvet 48C $48
Breeches Brocade 60C $60
Cape Rep cloth, short cloak, 4 yds 12C $12
Cape Rence cloth 20C $20
Cape Fur 28C $28
Cape Leather 20C $20
Cape Wool 32C $32
Cape Silk 40C $40
Cape Satin 52C $52
Cape Velvet 64C $64
Cape Brocade 80C $80
Cloak Rep cloth, full length, hooded, lined, 6 yds 18C $18
Cloak Rence cloth 15C $15
Cloak Fur 42C $42
Cloak Leather 30C $30
Cloak Wool 48C $48
Cloak Silk 60C $60
Cloak Satin 78C $78
Cloak Velvet 96C $96
Cloak Brocade 1S $100
Dress Rep cloth, kirtle or plains, long sleeves, length to top of toes, 5 yds 15C $15
Dress Rence cloth 25C $25
Dress Fur, skin side out 35C $35
Dress Leather 25C $25
Dress Wool 40C $40
Dress Silk 50C $50
Dress Satin 65C $65
Dress Velvet 80C $80
Dress Brocade 1S $100
Gloves Rep cloth, long length, 1 yd 3C $3
Gloves Rence cloth 5C $5
Gloves Fur, skin side out 7C $7
Gloves Verr leather, like suede 5C $5
Gloves Wool 8C $8
Gloves Silk 10C $10
Gloves Satin 13C $13
Gloves Velvet 16C $16
Gloves Brocade 20C $20
Gloves Rep cloth, short length, 1/2 yd (1 ah-il) 2C $2
Gloves Rence cloth 3C $3
Gloves Fur, skin side out 4C $4
Gloves Verr leather, like suede 3C $3
Gloves Wool 4C $4
Gloves Silk 5C $5
Gloves Satin 7C $7
Gloves Velvet 8C $8
Gloves Brocade 1S $100
Hood Rep cloth, head covering, with or without ties, 1 yd 3C $3
Hood Rence cloth 5C $5
Hood Fur, skin side out 7C $7
Hood Leather 5C $5
Hood Wool 8C $8
Hood Silk 10C $10
Hood Satin 13C $13
Hood Velvet 16C $16
Hood Brocade 20C $20
Jacket, Short Rep cloth, long sleeves, thigh length, 4 yds 12C $12
Jacket, Short Rence cloth 20C $20
Jacket, Short Fur, skin side out 28C $28
Jacket, Short Leather 20C $20
Jacket, Short Wool 32C $32
Jacket, Short Silk 40C $40
Jacket, Short Satin 52C $52
Jacket, Short Velvet 64C $64
Jacket, Short Brocade 80C $80
Jacket, Long Rep cloth, long sleeves, knee length, 5 yds 15C $15
Jacket, Long Rence cloth 25C $25
Jacket, Long Fur, skin side out 35C $35
Jacket, Long Leather 25C $25
Jacket, Long Wool 40C $40
Jacket, Long Silk 50C $50
Jacket, Long Satin 50C $50
Jacket, Long Velvet 65C $65
Jacket, Long Brocade 80C $80
Moccasins Fur, skin side out, 1 yd 7C $7
Moccasins Leather 5C $5
Robe Rep cloth, man or woman, long sleeves, length to top of toes, 5 yds 15C $15
Robe Rence cloth 25C $25
Robe Fur, skin side out 35C $35
Robe Leather 25C $25
Robe Wool 40C $40
Robe Silk 50C $50
Robe Satin 65C $65
Robe Velvet 80C $80
Robe Brocade 1S $100
Sandals Rep fiber, 1/2 yd 2C $.2
Sandals Leather 4C $4
Sandals Satin 7C $7
Sandals Brocade 10C $10
Skirt Rep cloth, length to top of toes, 4 yds 12C $12
Skirt Rence cloth 20C $20
Skirt Fur, skin side out 28C $28
Skirt Leather 20C $20
Skirt Wool 32C $32
Skirt Silk 40C $40
Skirt Satin 52C $52
Skirt Velvet 64C $64
Skirt Brocade 80C $80
Slippers Leather, short shoes no higher than ankle, 1/2 yd 4C $4
Slippers Satin 7C $7
Slippers Velvet 8C $8
Slippers Brocade 10C $10
Tunic Rep cloth, long sleeves, length to mid-thigh, 3 yds 9C $9
Tunic Rence cloth 15C $15
Tunic Fur, skin side out 21C $21
Tunic Leather 15C $15
Tunic Wool 24C $24
Tunic Silk 30C $30
Tunic Satin 39C $39
Tunic Velvet 48C $48
Tunic Brocade 60C $60
Veil, Face Rep cloth, modesty covering for face, 1/2 yd 2C $2
Veil, Face Rence cloth 3C $3
Veil, Face Wool 4C $4
Veil, Face Silk 5C $5
Veil, Face Satin 7C $7
Veil, Face Velvet 8C $8
Veil, Face Brocade 10C $10
Veil, Head Rep cloth, modesty covering for head, 1 yd 3C $3
Veil, Head Rence cloth 5C $5
Veil, Head Wool 8C $8
Veil, Head Silk 10C $10
Veil, Head Satin 13C $13
Veil, Head Velvet 16C $16
Veil, Head Brocade 20C $20
Vest, Short Rep cloth, length to just below waist, 2 yds 6C $6
Vest, Short Rence cloth 10C $10
Vest, Short Fur, skin side out 14C $14
Vest, Short Leather 10C $10
Vest, Short Wool 16C $16
Vest, Short Silk 20C $20
Vest, Short Satin 26C $26
Vest, Short Velvet 32C $32
Vest, Short Brocade 40C $40
Vest, Long Rep cloth, length to knee, 4 yds 12C $12
Vest, Long Rence cloth 20C $20
Vest, Long Fur, skin side out 28C $28
Vest, Long Leather 20C $20
Vest, Long Wool 32C $32
Vest, Long Silk 40C $40
Vest, Long Satin 52C $52
Vest, Long Velvet 64C $64
Vest, Long Brocade 80C $80