Black Caste Rules

City of Tor
Updated 03/11/2021

OOC BC Moderator Bull Dog (MaxTraxx Solo)
OOC BC Moderator if Bull Dog is unavailable šŭřЪŭš đэmŏήŧřŏήđ (surbus demontrond)

City of Tor Administration Kezef Dragovar


The Admin Team has endeavored to provide a positive roleplay experience for all who come to Tor whether as visitors, hunters, or long-term residents. This begins with our community standards and commitment to fair moderation. We are all adults and all roleplayers who deserve to have our time and our roleplay respected and deserve to have the ability to make decisions OOCly about our roleplay and how to manage it. In so doing, the onus is on each player to adhere to community standards, RP etiquette, and sim rules. When these are violated, admins and mods will take action in the interest of preserving a positive roleplay experience for everyone even when it involves conflict RP such as assassinations.

For many years, most sims’ rules have provided for the OOC anonymity of the client in Assassin RP. This is in part due to the IC tradition in the books of Gor that an Assassin does not reveal his clients to anyone. This has also been done in order to prevent OOC drama and metagame retaliation by the mark or others against the client. It is the only vein of RP in which we as sim admins have taken the onus off of players to adhere to rules regarding OOC drama and metagaming. It is also the only vein of RP in which we have as a matter of policy denied our players information to make informed choices about their roleplay. For example, they do not know if their permanent death would further a larger storyline, or if they are only ‘dead’ to the client and BC, who exactly they should be dead too. Instead of an absence of OOC drama, marks are left with a sense that they are expected to forfeit or change their characters or roleplay for an anonymous factor that may or may not have allowed them inclusion into the RP story. They have no way of knowing outside of blind trust that there was no metagaming by the client (OOC motive). In short, it does not provide them with a productive RP environment nor a sense of fair moderation because it lacks OOC transparency.

It also does not provide Assassins who hunt under these rules with the best RP environment either. The entire burden of valid roleplay and OOC rule-following is put on the BC player. They become the target of OOC drama, and when there are accusations of OOC motivations by the client, they are left holding the bag without a way to refute it. In essence, they are held OOC accountable for rules other players should be held accountable for, and the effort and time they put into their hunt RP invalidated or ignored for something they have no ability to actually vet.

The client in this system is the only person involved in the chain of events in assassinations that bears zero OOC responsibility or cost for their roleplay decisions. As there is no economy, it costs nothing in terms of time or value to take a contract on someone. As they are protected by OOC rules of anonymity, they cannot be held accountable for metagaming or OOC motives, nor can they be held responsible for the RP storylines they either promote or fail to promote.

The bottom line is that the customary rules that guarantee a client OOC anonymity have created a situation that denies some players the ability to make informed choices, creates the opportunity for the kind of metagaming it aims to avoid, and puts the Assassin roleplayer in the unfair position of having to be responsible for RP choices and OOC behaviors not entirely their own.

As such, we are trying a new approach. These revised rules have been discussed at length with our BC Moderator as well as several other veteran BC players who serve in BC Moderator positions on other sims.

The significant change is that we are no longer going to provide for OOC client anonymity. The unredacted client meeting and Hunt Log will be provided to the mark following the 24-hour meter death if requested. The BC’s RP will be validated separately from the Client’s. Both will be necessary for the mark to have been killed validly IC. If there is substantive evidence of OOC client motive at that point, admin action may be taken, just as it would be in any other circumstance of metagaming.

Should a client’s motives be revealed to be OOC, the kill will be invalidated, allowing the mark to proceed in their RP as if it never happened. As long as the BC’s RP adhered to the rules, their reputation will not suffer nor will it affect their ability to hunt in the City of Tor in the future.

Assassins will need to make clients aware of this OOC before the contract is accepted, and clients should understand that they may be asked to provide proof of IC motivation for the contract. They should also be made aware that should the mark produce OOC drama or retaliatory metagaming, it will be dealt with swiftly as per sim rules. It is a bannable offense.

We realize this is a sea change, and that it may not solve these problems, but in the interest of improving the roleplay experience for all players which includes fair moderation for all players, we’re going to give it a try. We hope that you understand and invite you to work with us on this endeavor.


In order for any player in the role of a Black Caste Assassin to hunt in the City of Tor, certain OOC criteria must be met:

→ AVATARS must meet the minimum age of at least six (6 months) old, must be male, and must follow appropriate avatar dress and appearance guidelines for Gorean roleplay.

→ RULES: Assassins should read and understand all sim rules. Black Caste Rules deal specifically with the procedure for hunting in the City of Tor, but Assassins will be expected to comply with all sim rules and approved weapons.

→ APPROVAL: Prior to hunting in the City of Tor, the Assassin is required to contact the BC Moderator to get approval to hunt in the City of Tor. Those who are unknown in BC RP circles or who have a dubious track record may, at the discretion of the BC Moderator and Admins, be denied permission to hunt or kill a mark in the City of Tor.

You do not need to reveal any further information about the client nor the mark at this time to anyone, nor will your presence/purpose be revealed beyond the Admin team and BC Mod. This simply enables us to ensure fair roleplay for all. City of Tor citizens are given the following, which you are welcome to share:

Special permission must be obtained from the BC Moderator and Sim Admin Team if more than one Assassin is knowingly hired to kill the same target. The Assassin must include the roleplay bringing the other Assassins into the hunt in the Hunt Log.

An Assassin may not complete more than two contracts per month in the City of Tor, though they may be part of a group hunt at the discretion of the Admin Team and BC Moderator.

Contracts may be passed from one Assassin to another, and the roleplay of such must be included in the Hunt Log.


→ The Caste of Assassins is recognized in the City of Tor. They may be present in the Village whether marked or not, but if unmarked are subject to the same laws and protocols as any other visitor.

→ LIVERY & MARK: Approved Assassins wearing the black habiliments of their caste and who display the mark of the dagger on their forehead will be permitted to enter the village, keep their bows, and in general be left alone to do their work. If the Assassin wears a helmet or other garment that obscures the mark, they may be asked to show it if they expect to keep their bow. If they are unmarked in livery, he may be asked to give up his bow.

→ DISGUISES: Approved Assassins may conduct all phases of their hunt in disguise, including the kill phase. Disguises should be logical and fall within the acceptable bounds of BTB Gorean RP. The believability of your disguise is dependent as much or more on your roleplay as the way you dress your avatar. Realistic, convincing roleplay is expected.

If hunting in disguise, Assassins can not expect to have the immunity of a marked Assassin such as being able to retain their bows at the gate, and they will still need to reveal their mark to their target before the kill.

It is not acceptable to join any group of the City of Tor in the course of a BC hunt, even as part of a disguise. Group membership provides OOC advantages, will be considered metagaming, and your hunt invalidated.

→ DURATION OF HUNT: In order to support a more positive roleplay experience, a valid hunt must take place over 3 days (72 hours) in real-time, after which the mark may be killed at the soonest opportunity.

If the mark is a City of Tor resident or citizen, at least two of the three days of the hunt must take place in the City of Tor. If a portion of the hunt takes place elsewhere, the Assassin is still required to contact the City of Tor BC Mod to seek approval prior to beginning the hunt.

If the mark is not a resident or citizen of the City of Tor belonging to its main group, the hunt may take place in any location as long as it meets the other criteria.


→ Once an Assassin has confirmed the mark’s identity via role-playing and completed a 3-day hunt, the Assassins can attack their mark whenever the opportunity presents itself. No 30-minute rule applies.

→ REVEALING THE MARK: Prior to attacking the mark, the Assassin must reveal their mark to their target in an emote of at least fifteen (15) words.

If the Assassin has been hunting in disguise, they may complete the kill in disguise, but must be marked and must reveal the mark at the time of the kill prior to engaging in meter combat.

→ KILLING BLOW: This must be a minimum of three (3) descriptive posts of at least (15) words, after which the kill button on the meter may be clicked.

→ LEAVING THE KILL: Following the assassination attempt, the Assassin must make their way to the gate and emote leaving the City of Tor with one (1) post of at least ten (10) words in length.

If the Assassin fails to make the kill, having to abort the attempt after the attack has started, they may try again to complete the kill or may pass the contract as long as they successfully leave the sim through the method described above.

If the Assassin has completed the kill but is captured or killed on his way to the exit, that does not invalidate the assassination, assuming everything else would have been otherwise valid.


→ HUNT LOGS: Hunt logs must be complete and submitted to the BC Moderator in a timely manner or the kill may be ruled invalid. The BC Moderator has up to 24 hours to review the Hunt Logs and determine if the kill was valid.

→ RULES: A valid kill may not have any portion of the hunt record in violation of any City of Tor sim rule, up to and including the BC rules.

→ BC MODERATOR RULING: The review of the Hunt Logs by the BC Moderator will be done in a timely fashion, and he will issue a ruling on the validity of the BC’s roleplay. If all requirements are met and no rules are broken, the BC’s RP will be considered valid. After 24 hours the mark is provided with the unredacted logs and is able to provide a sim admin with substantive evidence that there is OOC motive and/or lack of IC motive, the admin team will investigate further in conjunction with the BC Moderator. Should it be proven that the client has no valid IC motivation, the mark will not need to honor the death.

→ METER DEATH: Anyone killed in the City of Tor must accept the meter death, which on the City of Tor is 24 hours. Should the kill be ruled invalid, a Moderator will allow them to reset their meter.


→ If a kill is successful and valid, the target will be “dead” and ghosted on the meter for 24 hours as per sim rules.

→ 24 hours after the kill, the BC Moderator may provide the mark with the complete, unredacted Hunt Log if it is requested. The Hunt Log is purely OOC information and while it may be used to make OOC decisions about roleplay, it is not information that can be used in roleplay for any reason, including metagaming or reprisals. Doing so is a bannable offense.

If the mark can present substantive evidence that would invalidate the client’s IC motivation and provide OOC motive, that should be presented to the BC Moderator at this time as an appeal. The client may be asked by the moderation team to provide proof of IC motivation.
→ The mark may choose a variety of ways to deal with his or her death in roleplay. This is entirely their choice as a roleplayer. What they absolutely may not do is seek any reprisals on the client or the Assassin. Some of the options for dealing with the assassination include:
– Permanently kill off your character. You may choose to reuse the avatar and give it a new name, history, and clothing, and retire the old character permanently. This is a “clean slate.”
– Temporarily “kill” the character, only remaining “dead” to the client and Assassin. This means that client and that Assassin may not pursue further RP with your character, including another contract for any reason. This may “incapacitate” your character and after the 24-hour meter death, and play the assassination off as an attack in which you sustained grievous injuries that robbed your memory of any knowledge that would involve reprisals.