Approved Weapons

For inquiries or amendments please contact Bull Dog (MaxxTraxx Solo)
Banned Weapons
Banned Weapons display the following characteristics:
1) Dual-wield weapons.
2) Cage Arrows, Fire Arrows and Poison Arrows.
3) Bows
4) Modifiable weapons of any kind.
5) Homemade weapons of any kind.
6) Weapons with one hit capture or kill like bolas, poison kiss or razor whips or other
characteristics that are not inside the melee or range configurations of
dagger/spear/sword configurations of the Gorean meter (Unless used in RP – All RP is subject to a mod’s decision if called upon).
7) Throwing spears, axes, and throwing swords are not allowed.
8) Any weapon with a Friendly fire Feature (e.g PAC weaponry)
9) No combo weapons

Weapons allowed per role


—–Free Men—–

Free Men are allowed to use any weapon that is IN CHARACTER reasonable and Gorean. Any questions on the legality of a weapon refer to a Mod.

—–Free Women—–

Free Women are allowed the max damage of 25%

Weapons that are allowed to Free Women are the only IN CHARACTER REASONABLE WEAPONS.
Examples are Daggers, Hair Pins, whips, pots, pans, etc etc.
No fans.

Free Women only defended themselves if they have to and they have no other option.

Any questions please refer to a Mod.

—– Female Slaves—–

Slaves are allowed the max damage of 19%
No Fans, bows, swords, daggers and etc.
You may defend yourself only cornered and have no other option.
Weapons should consist of brooms, pans, pots, etc etc.

—– Male fighting Slaves—–

Male slaves are to only be armed by a Lieutenant or higher from the Scarlet Caste before a raid. Only one slave is withholding from this rule is a guard slave. Any slaves fail to disarm themselves when a Free Man asks may result in the death of your slave.

Maximum damage is 35% for male fighting slaves.
Allowed Weapons

PFC | PFCWeapons | Melee
LR | LRWeapons Chrome | Melee
The Forge/EZ | EZ Weapons (EZWeaponry) | Melee
Equinox | EquinoxSecurity | Melee
Markz | Markz McMahon | Melee
GTS Weapons | GTS Weapons (gtsweapons Diabolito) | Melee
Ancient Builds | Jake Molinaro | Melee & Ranged

====NPC Guards====
Approved makers: Taylor Made (Taylor Schroeder) : only for the defense of non-combatants.

====Approved Fist fight/unarmed combat====
Alika Sao
Larion Rhode v1.05

=== Banned Makers ===
Navar Harbinger – Throwing Daggers
– – PAC – ( PAC hit )
No XX weapons XXander snook
TCJ weapons
H&J Swords
Jenny Cioc & Greyhound Burt ( DM Weapons )